The Property at 199 Front Street is located in the quiet, safe bedroom community of Cramerton, North Carolina.  Cramerton is an ideal living location – the downtown area featuring several eateries is just a block away and shopping is readily available just a few miles away off Wilkinson Boulevard.

The home itself was build a sturdy structure in 1900 and received a update and remodel in the mid-2000s.  It is characterized as being in very good condition having had significant upkeep and maintenance the last decade.

The property is owned and managed by local owners who have lived in the Cramerton area for a decade.  Stable renters are sought to take on the property.  Owner will also entertain serious offers for purchase of the property.

Previous tenants of the property were long time renters having stayed in the property over five years (2008-2014) and more recently a stable renter, in the area on project work who has been in the property for a year and a half..  Owner can demonstrate a track record of having continually maintained and improved the property over the years and having been responsive to the need of tenants when required.

To inquire about lease terms or to begin a rental application, please fill out the below form or email us directly at 199frontstreet@gmail.com.

For Rent: Two bedroom, one bath home